325Mesh Sericite Mica For Plastic Cosmetics

Sericite is a subspecies of muscovite with small particle size, therefore it's easily processed to superfine powder. Sericite has silky luster, stable chemical properties, good resistance to abrasion & wear, acid & alkali and UV. Besides, it has excellent weathering resistance and heat insulation performance. Huayuan sericite is produced with high-quality raw ores to realize uniform particle distribution, high purity and stable quality. Sericite is widely used in industries such as paint, coating, rubber, plastics, ceramics, cosmetics, pigment, metallurgy and welding. As functional filler to plastics, coating, paint and rubber,it can improve their mechanical strength, tenacity, adhesive force, weathering resistance and corrosion resistance. Both dry ground powder and wet ground powder are available.

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200mesh, 325mesh, 500 mesh, 600mesh, 800mehs, 1000mesh, 1250mesh, 2000mesh, 3000mesh.Commonly package is 25kg PP bag/paper bag, 500kg~1000kg jumbo bag. Also could customize as required.Our factories have achieved ISO Certificate, 23 technologies have obtained national patents. Layered structure Chemical resistance Low thermal conductivity Heat stability Low coefficient of friction Vibration damping (acoustics) Flexible There are two manufacturing processes of mica powder: dry grinding and wet grinding. We have our own factories to produce these two products. Dry ground mica powder is produced by physical grinding without changing any natural property of mica. We adopt total enclosed filling system to guarantee quality during the whole production process. In the screening process,we also employs proprietary equipment and technology to ensure uniform particle distribution and stable quality. As to its superior performance, dry ground Muscovite has been extensively used in production of various products, including fiber cement construction panels / wallboards, plastics, rubber, paint, coating, welding electrodes, oil drilling and brake pads. ● Dry ground process







Oil drilling


Wet ground mica powder is produced from natural mica flakes through a series of processes, including cleaning, washing, purification, wet grinding, drying, screening and grading. The unique production process retains the sheet structure of mica , therefore wet ground mica is featured by large radius-thickness ratio, low sand and iron content, high purity, whiteness and glossiness. The unique property of wet ground mica makes it widely used in industries such as paint, coating production, rubber, plastics and ceramics. It is especially effective to improve product's electrical strength, rigidity, heat resistance and to reduce molding shrinkage and cost. ● Wet ground process

325 mesh

800 mesh

1250 mesh

Rubber, plastics, ceramics, cosmetics, pigment, paint and coatings, metallurgy and welding. 










Content (%)









Influence on plastics performance: 1. Improved optical performance. 2. Improved insulativity and fire resistance. 3. Improved tensile strength and bending modulus. 4. Improved size stability, reduced shrinkage, warpage and tortuosity. Note: suitable for PP-R, PP, ABS, PE, PA, PU and PVC as well as in functional master batch and plastic engineering.

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